Saturday, December 4, 2010

True Bliss Update

Well, Since facebook has came up with the new "contest rules" we will now be doing our Contest here on our blog. I guess it can be a good thing, But I haven't use Blogger in so long, I hope and pray I can remember to get on here and update it.. lol haha..

I will announce the next contest in a couple of weeks right after christmas is over.
It will be a great one, So get your cameras out and take LOTS of cherished family memories over the holidays so you have plenty of portraits to choose from.

I'm hoping to do alot of things different during the next year. Prices will be staying the same for now.. Some photographers up their prices every single year, But here in little ole Howe ok, I have been lucky to not have to do that yet. Thank goodness. I try to keep the prices where we all could afford them. I know times are hard here in the little towns.

I want to wish you all a very merry christmas. I hope you get to spend it doing what you love to do.

True Bliss Images
Danielle Porter

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